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2020-06-10 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install calibre
2020-06-06 Martin Pittvm: Switch display backend
2020-06-06 Martin Pittscandoc: Drop hardcoded USB bus/device address
2020-06-06 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install 1minutetip
2020-05-25 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install python3-boto for Ansible...
2020-05-23 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Drop aws CLI, using Ansible now
2020-05-23 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Unbreak syntax after dfe85b640
2020-05-19 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-ostree: Drop obsolete steps
2020-05-19 Martin PittDrop obsolete scripts
2020-05-18 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install python3-boto3
2020-05-14 Martin PittRevert "Move to vim-X11"
2020-05-12 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install GitHub CLI
2020-05-12 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Make aws and vim installation idempotent
2020-04-26 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Avoid deb.debian.org
2020-04-18 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Add packages for scanning
2020-04-17 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install waiverdb-cli for Fedora
2020-04-13 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install pip
2020-04-11 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Default VERSION_ID
2020-04-11 Martin PittDebian chroot/toolbox: Drop obsolete python-keyrings...
2020-04-11 Martin Pittscandoc: Specify device and format
2020-04-02 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Add reference to resolv.conf fix
2020-04-02 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: rcm-tools is available for all curren...
2020-03-14 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Clear font cache
2020-03-14 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Install fakeroot and libdistro...
2020-03-13 Martin Pittbuild-*-toolbox: Set host name to distro-version
2020-03-13 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Allow sudo with empty password
2020-03-13 Martin PittGeneralize build-debian-toolbox
2020-02-26 Martin Pittbuild-sid-toolbox: Eliminate intermediate container...
2020-02-26 Martin PittAdd toolbox-sid
2020-01-18 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install dbus-daemon for Cockpit unit...
2020-01-15 Martin Pittdebdev: gnupg2 is obsolete transitional package, move...
2020-01-15 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install twine for pypi releases
2019-12-19 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Add bug ref for resolv.conf hack
2019-11-26 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install tig
2019-11-26 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Drop waiverdb-cli
2019-11-21 Martin Pittretry-gh-systemd-test: Adjust to changed Debian packagi...
2019-11-21 Martin PittRevert "build-devtoolbox: Work around broken SELinux...
2019-11-18 Martin Pittdaytime-term: Fix quoting
2019-11-18 Martin PittMove to vim-X11
2019-11-11 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install AWS CLI
2019-11-07 Martin Pittvm: Add virtual RNG
2019-11-02 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Work around broken SELinux in toolbox...
2019-10-16 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install diffstat
2019-10-01 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install full chromium
2019-10-01 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Hack around non-existing rcm-tools...
2019-09-22 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Fix resolv.conf for resolved
2019-09-22 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Avoid interactive image download...
2019-09-12 Martin PittDrop postinst-setup-fedora
2019-09-12 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install debuginfo packages for cockpit
2019-08-13 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Set up waiverdb-cli
2019-08-11 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Put back fstrim
2019-08-09 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install strace
2019-08-09 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Fix kerberos
2019-08-09 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Move ostree repo
2019-08-09 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Put OSTree repo on a tmpfs
2019-08-09 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Set up waiverdb-cli
2019-08-02 Martin Pittbuild-devtools: Add more packages
2019-07-30 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-ostree: Drop schroot config, done in...
2019-07-29 Martin Pittxvim: Use daytime-term
2019-07-29 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: stretch → buster
2019-07-25 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Drop libguestfs-tools-c
2019-07-24 Martin PittAdd build-devtoolbox
2019-07-23 Martin PittAdd system-maintenance
2019-07-23 Martin Pittdaytime-term: Already use night mode from 20:00 on
2019-07-21 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Fix rhpkg installation
2019-07-18 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Add libappstream-glib
2019-07-17 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Add packages for running OSCI integratio...
2019-07-17 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Set up rhpkg
2019-07-12 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Fix ssh
2019-07-12 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: make mock compatible with ostree's ...
2019-07-10 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Fix cleaning
2019-07-09 Martin Pittbuild-devmock: Set up proper $HOME for interactive...
2019-07-08 Martin PittAdd build-devmock
2019-07-08 Martin PittAdd daytime-term
2019-07-08 Martin PittAdd postinst-setup-ostree
2019-07-08 Martin PittDrop postinst-setup
2019-07-08 Martin PittAdd xvim: simple vim-in-terminal wrapper for Firefox...
2019-07-08 Martin PittAdd .gitignore for compiled binaries
2019-07-08 Martin PittDrop obsolete scripts
2019-07-08 Martin Pittretry-gh-systemd-test: Move to experimental branch...
2019-04-04 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-fedora: Drop obsolete bind mounts
2019-04-04 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-fedora: Drop postfix
2019-02-17 Martin Pittdebdev: Install locales-all
2018-10-28 Martin Pittmockspec: Fix mock --init for non-default $OS
2018-10-26 Martin Pittretry-gh-systemd-test: Directly use Debian salsa branch
2018-10-26 Martin Pittmockspec: Allow changing chroot with $OS
2018-10-18 Martin Pittretry-gh-systemd-test: move to bionic
2018-10-18 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Fix for stretch, disable jessie
2018-10-18 Martin Pittvmbr: Use my own br0 bridge
2018-05-07 Martin Pittautopkgtest-sid-update.exp: Fix debconf questions
2018-05-07 Martin Pittmockspec: Filter out macros
2018-05-07 Martin Pittgoogle-chrome: Only change $HOME if it is the default
2018-02-27 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Don't include previously backp...
2018-02-22 Martin Pittretry-gh-systemd-test: xenial -> artful
2018-02-22 Martin Pittmockspec: Drop --offline
2018-02-22 Martin Pittvmdebdev: Skip lxd init
2017-10-04 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-fedora: Install w3m (mostly for mutt)
2017-10-04 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-fedora: mock package sets up default...
2017-09-26 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: jessie needs a binary upload
2017-09-26 Martin PittAdd debian-backport-cockpit