descriptionMartin Pitt's ~/bin scripts
ownerMartin Pitt
last changeSun, 9 Jan 2022 10:46:03 +0000 (11:46 +0100)
13 days ago Martin PittAdd ubuntu-backport-cockpit master
13 days ago Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Use dpkg-buildpackage
2022-01-04 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install chromium
2021-12-12 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Add flatpak-builder
2021-12-06 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Flatpaks moved to --user installs
2021-11-04 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Support other package names
2021-11-04 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: bullseye is Debian 11
2021-11-03 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Update flatpaks
2021-11-01 Martin PittAdd README and Public Domain notice
2021-10-11 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Support overriding name and tag
2021-08-29 Martin Pittvm: Use SDL display by default
2021-08-29 Martin Pittvm: More precise "free port" detection
2021-08-24 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Move to bullseye
2021-07-16 Martin Pittinstall-rhel-tools: Update 1minutetip
2021-06-03 Martin PittRevert "build-cockpit-toolbox: Drop calibre"
2021-05-31 Martin Pittbackup: Also run with Ethernet connection
13 days ago master