descriptionMartin Pitt's ~/bin scripts
ownerMartin Pitt
last changeThu, 8 Dec 2022 08:19:13 +0000 (09:19 +0100)
14 hours ago Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Drop debuginfo packages master
5 days ago Martin Pittprocess-photos: Rename *.JPG to *.jpg
5 days ago Martin PittRevert "build-cockpit-toolbox: Work around too heavy...
2022-11-22 Martin Pittbackup: move ignore list to .config
2022-11-22 Martin Pittubuntu-backport-cockpit: Add kinetic and lunar
2022-11-05 Martin Pittprocess-photos: Add
2022-10-18 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Fix slow sudo
2022-10-18 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Enable apt sources by default
2022-09-29 Martin Pittci-clear-npm-cache: Delete
2022-09-29 Martin PittAdd ci-clear-npm-cache
2022-09-03 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Fix systemd installation
2022-09-03 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install man, fd, and ripgrep
2022-09-03 Martin Pittinstall-rhel-tools: Update to Fedora 36
2022-09-03 Martin Pittvm: Bare readonly option is deprecated
2022-07-22 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Drop hardcoded Fedora release...
2022-07-22 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install python3-openstacksdk
14 hours ago master