descriptionDay of Learning: Prometheus and Grafana deployment and metrics
ownerMartin Pitt
last changeFri, 22 Apr 2022 12:10:36 +0000 (14:10 +0200)
2022-04-22 Martin PittMove to official Grafana container image on main
2022-04-22 Martin PittMove to different nginx container
2021-07-09 Martin PittReorganize configs
2021-06-16 Martin PittMove Grafana config to directory volume
2021-06-16 Martin PittGrafana: Enable anonymous access
2021-05-26 Martin PittPull prometheus image from
2021-05-26 Martin PittMove Prometheus config to directory volume
2021-05-24 Martin PittAdd histrogram example
2021-05-21 Martin PittAdd script to generate time series
2021-05-21 Martin PittAdd custom prometheus data source from host
2021-05-21 Martin PittReplace launch script with kubernetes resource
2021-05-21 Martin PittPre-configure prometheus data source in Grafana
2021-05-21 Martin PittRun unconfigured grafana and prometheus containers
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