6 days ago Martin Pittbackup: move ignore list to .config master
6 days ago Martin Pittubuntu-backport-cockpit: Add kinetic and lunar
2022-11-05 Martin Pittprocess-photos: Add
2022-10-18 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Fix slow sudo
2022-10-18 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Enable apt sources by default
2022-09-29 Martin Pittci-clear-npm-cache: Delete
2022-09-29 Martin PittAdd ci-clear-npm-cache
2022-09-03 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Fix systemd installation
2022-09-03 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install man, fd, and ripgrep
2022-09-03 Martin Pittinstall-rhel-tools: Update to Fedora 36
2022-09-03 Martin Pittvm: Bare readonly option is deprecated
2022-07-22 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Drop hardcoded Fedora release...
2022-07-22 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install python3-openstacksdk
2022-06-30 Martin Pittgwt: Add helper for worktre management
2022-06-29 Martin Pittdaytime-term: Support "day" and "night" options
2022-06-23 Martin PittAdd
2022-06-23 Martin Pittubuntu-backport-cockpit: Adjust for Ubuntu 22.04
2022-06-11 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Work around too heavy tmt-provis...
2022-06-05 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Support running podman
2022-06-05 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Replace gh with Fedora package
2022-06-05 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Drop obsolete workaround
2022-05-04 Martin Pittcloud-rawhide: Add
2022-04-02 Martin PittDrop setup-tasks-dev, unused
2022-02-13 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install texlive-beamer
2022-01-25 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Install openssh-client
2022-01-09 Martin PittAdd ubuntu-backport-cockpit
2022-01-09 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Use dpkg-buildpackage
2022-01-04 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install chromium
2021-12-12 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Add flatpak-builder
2021-12-06 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Flatpaks moved to --user installs
2021-11-04 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Support other package names
2021-11-04 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: bullseye is Debian 11
2021-11-03 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Update flatpaks
2021-11-01 Martin PittAdd README and Public Domain notice
2021-10-11 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Support overriding name and tag
2021-08-29 Martin Pittvm: Use SDL display by default
2021-08-29 Martin Pittvm: More precise "free port" detection
2021-08-24 Martin Pittdebian-backport-cockpit: Move to bullseye
2021-07-16 Martin Pittinstall-rhel-tools: Update 1minutetip
2021-06-03 Martin PittRevert "build-cockpit-toolbox: Drop calibre"
2021-05-31 Martin Pittbackup: Also run with Ethernet connection
2021-05-17 Martin Pittinstall-rhel-tools: Add CentOS stream development tools
2021-05-16 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Drop calibre
2021-05-16 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install official tmt package...
2021-03-18 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install session-libvirt enabled...
2021-03-18 Martin Pittinstall-rhel-tools: Install covscan-client
2021-03-13 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install KeePass CLI
2021-03-10 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install tmt and testcloud
2021-03-04 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install dbus-daemon
2021-03-04 Martin Pittbuild-*-toolbox: Ensure that container image is current
2021-03-04 Martin Pittbackup: Adjust for donald → laptop rename
2021-02-28 Martin PittDrop debdev
2021-02-28 Martin PittRemove build-devtoolbox
2021-02-28 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Install autopkgtest
2021-01-26 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Some tweaks
2021-01-08 Martin PittMove RHEL tools from a separate toolbox to an install...
2021-01-05 Martin PittAdd setup-tasks-dev
2021-01-05 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install moreutils
2021-01-02 Martin Pittbuild-cockpit-toolbox: Install libnotify
2020-12-30 Martin PittAdd build-cockpit-toolbox
2020-12-18 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Drop RH internal cert
2020-12-18 Martin Pittbuild-rhtoolbox: Simplify certificate install
2020-12-13 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: piware-desktop remote moved to...
2020-12-12 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Download workstation OSTree repo...
2020-12-12 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Clean up pending deployments as...
2020-10-29 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install sassc
2020-10-16 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Install build-essential
2020-10-03 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Fix resolv.conf link
2020-09-24 Martin PittIgnore wf-recorder self-built binary
2020-09-16 Martin Pittbuild-rhtoolbox: Install kinit
2020-09-10 Martin Pittscandoc: Use pdfjam directly
2020-09-06 Martin PittBuild separate Red Hat toolbox for rhpkg/1minutetip
2020-09-05 Martin PittRevert "build-devtoolbox: Fix broken Fedora 33 image"
2020-09-04 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Skip 1minutetip for Fedora 33
2020-09-04 Martin PittInstall pdfjam by package name
2020-09-04 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Skip rhpkg for Fedora 33
2020-09-04 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Fix broken Fedora 33 image
2020-09-04 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Update to latest packages
2020-09-01 Martin Pittbuild-*-toolbox: Drop resolv.conf workaround
2020-09-01 Martin Pittsystem-maintenance: Get along with nonexistent OSTree...
2020-09-01 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Add deb-src
2020-07-28 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Drop waiverdb-cli, bodhi updates...
2020-07-11 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Add keepassxc
2020-07-05 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install pandoc
2020-06-10 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install calibre
2020-06-06 Martin Pittvm: Switch display backend
2020-06-06 Martin Pittscandoc: Drop hardcoded USB bus/device address
2020-06-06 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install 1minutetip
2020-05-25 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install python3-boto for Ansible...
2020-05-23 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Drop aws CLI, using Ansible now
2020-05-23 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Unbreak syntax after dfe85b640
2020-05-19 Martin Pittpostinst-setup-ostree: Drop obsolete steps
2020-05-19 Martin PittDrop obsolete scripts
2020-05-18 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install python3-boto3
2020-05-14 Martin PittRevert "Move to vim-X11"
2020-05-12 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install GitHub CLI
2020-05-12 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Make aws and vim installation idempotent
2020-04-26 Martin Pittbuild-debian-toolbox: Avoid
2020-04-18 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Add packages for scanning
2020-04-17 Martin Pittbuild-devtoolbox: Install waiverdb-cli for Fedora