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Move RHEL tools from a separate toolbox to an install script
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2017-01-22 Martin Pittbackup: add sbin to $PATH
2016-12-19 Martin Pittbackup: Clean up old backups
2016-01-25 Martin Pittbackup: Add --allow-source-mismatch for changing localh...
2015-11-10 Martin Pittbackup: replace deprecated --exclude-globbing-filelist...
2015-10-08 Martin Pittbackup: adjust for changed wlan name, ssh socket, and...
2014-09-18 Martin Pittbackup: figure out ssh agent when running from cron
2014-07-02 Martin Pittmove backup to duplicity
2011-05-31 Martin Pittadd sbp-release
2011-03-24 Martin Pittbackup: notify about start/end
2009-11-08 martin@piware.derewrite backup script in shell and with fixed weekly...
2007-08-06 Martin Pittadd backup