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2021-08-25 Martin PittClosures and Cacher object
2021-08-24 Martin PittAdd integration test
2021-08-24 Martin PittMove helper functions into src/lib.rs
2021-08-24 Martin PittGenerics and Traits
2021-08-24 Martin PittReturn style fix
2021-08-23 Martin PittFile reading with standard fs API
2021-08-23 Martin PittFile reading and error handling using ?
2021-08-23 Martin PittFile reading and simple error handling
2021-08-23 Martin PittSplit into functions
2021-08-23 Martin PittHashMap
2021-08-22 Martin Pitttest word_utils
2021-08-22 Martin PittVector iteration
2021-08-22 Martin PittMove word_utils to separate file
2021-08-22 Martin PittPut functions into module
2021-08-22 Martin PittReferences, slices, Option