Klettersteig, Level 2
19 July 2010

Vor etwa einem Jahr war ich auf meiner ersten Klettersteigtour auf dem Innsbrucker Klettersteig, was mich damals schon recht beeindruckt hat. Dieses Jahr haben wir, d. h. mein Vater, mein Schwager, und ich, die Schwierigkeit um ein oder zwei Stufen erhöht, und sind letzten Samstag auf den Elferkofel geklettert. Die Tour begann an der Seilbahn-Bergstation in Neustift, wo wir zunächst ein mal eine Handvoll Paraglider-Fans beim konzentrierten Entfitzen und Sortieren der Schnüre und Planen beobachteten. ... Read More
The Debian import freeze is settled, the first rush of major changes went into Maverick, and the dust now has settled a bit. Thus it’s time to turn back some attention to crashes and quality in general. This morning I created maverick chroots for the [Apport retracers][1], and they are currently processing the backlog. I also uploaded a new Apport package which now enables crash reporting by default again. Happy segfaulting! ... Read More

gudev Vala bindings
12 June 2010

I just learned about vapigen to build a Vala .vapi interface from gobject introspection. Unfortunately it seems that through the way of g-ir-scanner some information gets lost and gir cannot transmit information such as the semantics of arrays (null-terminated or with length, etc.). I played with a “metadata” file for an hour (as described upstream), but it seems to be ignored entirely. So for now I committed a manually adjusted vapi for gudev. ... Read More
I just did the 1000th commit of postgresql-common, the Debian/Ubuntu PostgreSQL management utilities. Wow, what started as a small hack in December 2004 to be able to install several major PostgreSQL versions in parallel has turned out to be a > 600 kB project providing a comprehensive tool set for uniformly setting up, upgrading, and maintaining PostgreSQL database instances from version 7.4 up to the just announced 9.0 beta-1, with a comprehensive test suite that I’m really proud of (it tests just about every aspect, option, and corner case of the installation, integration, upgrade, locale support, and error handling, and takes about half an hour on my system). ... Read More

Viva Bavaria!
26 April 2010

“Grüß Gott!” zusammen aus dem Land südlich des Weißwurstäquators! Auch wenn ich selbige Würste bisher noch nicht verkosten konnte, steht dies ganz oben auf dem Programm! Ich bin am Samstag gut in München angekommen, wo mich Netti gleich am Hauptbahnhof abgeholt hat. Da wir nun schon mal im Zentrum waren, haben wir die Zeit auch gleich für einen Spaziergang über den Viktualienmarkt und dann für eine Stunde Stadtrundfahrt genutzt, um schon mal einen Überblick zu bekommen. ... Read More
Es ist mal wieder diese Zeit im Jahr – und diesmal ist es gleich die Grosse Drei-Null, die mich gestern heimsuchte! Netti hat mir einen gaaanz tollen und leckeren Schokokuchen gebacken, mit weissen Schokoladenplätzchen mit einem Kinderfoto von mir drauf. Über die philosophischen Konsequenzen, seine eigene Jugend aufzuessen, muss ich mir noch tiefere Gedanken machen, zunächst hab ich mir es erstmal schmecken lassen. Der gestrige Tag ist auch eine gute Gelegenheit für einen Rückblick. ... Read More
PostgreSQL did microrelease updates three weeks ago: 8.4.3, 8.3.10, and 8.1.20 are the ones relevant for Debian/Ubuntu. There haven’t been reports about regressions in Debian or the upstream lists so far, so it’s time to push these into stable releases. The new releases are in Lucid Beta-2, and hardy/jaunty/karmic-proposed. If you are running PostgreSQL, please upgrade to the proposed versions and give feedback to LP #557408. Updates for Debian Lenny are prepared as well, and await release team ack. ... Read More

ubuntu-bug audio
8 February 2010

Thanks to the work of David Henningsson, we now have a proper Apport symptom for audio bugs. It just got updated again to set default bug titles, which include the card/codec name and the problem, so that Launchpad’s suggested duplicates should work much more reliably. So from now on you are strongly encouraged to report sound problems with $ ubuntu-bug audio instead of trying to guess the package right.

GNOME commit powers
19 January 2010

I finally listened to Sebastien Bacher and applied for GNOME commit rights yesterday, after hassling Seb once more about committing an approved patch for me. Surprisingly, it only took some 4 hours until my application was approved and my account created, wow! Apparently 71 patches are enough. 🙂 With my new powers, I fixed a crash in gdm, and applied two stragglers into gvfs’ build system today. More to come!
These days I often use launchpadlib in my projects for scripting access/modifications in Launchpad. While launchpadlib has quite a good API documentation, this only covers the method calls, not the attributes or collections. So it often takes some poking and trying until you figure out how to access/change things. I found myself typing the same things over and over, so I finally wrote a little script called lpshell: #!/usr/bin/python -i import code, os, sys from launchpadlib. ... Read More