PyGObject 3.3.91 released
3 September 2012

I just released PyGObject 3.3.91, for GNOME 3.5.91. The big new feature in this release (thanks to the release team for granting an exception) is Simon Feltman’s new Signal helper class, which makes defining custom signals a whole lot simpler and more obvious. In the past, you had to do class C(GObject.GObject): __gsignals__ = { 'my_signal': (GObject.SIGNAL_RUN_FIRST, GObject.TYPE_NONE, (GObject.TYPE_INT,)) } def do_my_signal(self, arg): print("my_signal called with %i" % arg) whereas now this looks like ... Read More
The unstoppable PostgreSQL team just announced the first release candidate of 9.2, with several bug fixes since the Beta 4. If you haven’t tested 9.2 yet, now is the time! Remember that you can run a copy of your 8.4 or 9.2 cluster in parallel for testing with pg_upgradecluster. If you use Debian, 9.2rc1 will be available in experimental in a few hours. For Ubuntu, you can get packages for all supported releases from my PostgreSQL backports PPA as usual. ... Read More
I just released Apport 2.5 with a bunch of new features and some bug fixes. By default you cannot report bugs and crashes to packages from PPAs, as they are not Ubuntu packages. Some packages like Unity or UbuntuOne define their own crash database which reports bugs against the project instead. This has been a bit cumbersome in the past, as these packages needed to ship a /etc/apport/crashdb.conf.d/ snippet. This has become much easier, package hooks can define a new crash database directly now (#551330): ... Read More

PyGObject 3.3.90 released
20 August 2012

I just released PyGObject 3.3.90, for GNOME 3.5.90. This is now working correctly on big-endian 64 bit machines such as powerpc64, and fixes marshalling for GParamSpec attributes and return values, as well as a few small bug fixes. Thanks to all contributors! Complete list of changes: Implement marshalling for GParamSpec (Mathieu Duponchelle) (#681565) Fix erronous import statements for Python 3.3 (Simon Feltman) (#682051) Do not fail tests if pyflakes or pep8 are not installed (Martin Pitt) Fix PEP-8 whitespace checking and issues in the code (Martin Pitt) Fix unmarshalling of gssize (David Malcolm) (#680693) Fix various endianess errors (David Malcolm) (#680692) Gtk overrides: Add TreeModelSort. ... Read More
Yesterday, GUADEC hosted a PyGObject hackfest. I was really happy to see so many participants, and a lot of whom who are rather new to the project. I originally feared that it would just be the core crew of four people, as this is not exactly the shiniest part of GNOME development. So I did not work on the stuff I was planning for, but instead walked around and provided mentoring, help, and patch review. ... Read More
I have had the pleasure of attending GUADEC in full this year. TL;DR: A lot of great presentations + lots of hall conversations about QA stuff + the obligatory be{er,ach} = ♥. Last year I just went to the hackfest, and I never made it to any previous one, so GUADEC 2012 was a kind of first-time experience for me. It was great to put some faces and personal impressions to a lot of the people I have worked with for many years, as well as catching up with others that I did meet before. ... Read More
I started to collect some easy PyGObject bugs which are appropriate for the PyGObject hackfest at GUADEC on July 30th. These are bugs which do not need a lot of previous knowlege and are excellent starters for new contributors, such as adding overrides, fixing build system issues, etc. I also created an initial idea pool/agenda/coordination page, where participants can add or signup for things to work on. Feel free to add your own topics! ... Read More
I released PyGObject 3.3.4. This is mostly a bug fix only release to fix existing API. Highlights are that lists of GVariants and other corner cases are now working correctly when being passed from C to Python, and that calling help() on a GI module now does something sensible. Thanks to all contributors! Complete list of changes: Drop bogus filter_new() conversion (Martin Pitt) (#679999) Fix help() for GI modules (Martin Pitt) (#679804) Skip gi. ... Read More
I just received confirmation that my request for a PyGObject hackfest has been approved by the GUADEC organizers. If you are developing GObject-introspection based Python applications and have some problems with PyGObject, this is the time and place to get to know each other, getting bugs fixed, learn about pygobject’s innards, or update libraries to become introspectable. I will prepare a list of easy things to look into if you are interested in learning about and getting involved in PyGObject’s development. ... Read More
I released PyGObject 3.3.3. The most notable changes are that you can now access methods (and other identifiers) which are Python keywords, PyGObject automatically escapes them now by appending a ‘_’. For example, you can now call myGdkWindow.raise_() or GLib.Thread.yield_() instead of having to resort to the previous workaround getattr(myGdkWindow, 'raise')(). This version also restores the deprecated get_data() and set_data() methods. They were never really meant to be used from Python programs, they can potentially mess up your program and cause crashes, and do not give you anything that regular Python object properties would not already provide in a much safer way (i. ... Read More