I just pushed out a new python-dbusmock release 0.6. Calling a method on the mock now emits a MethodCalled signal on the org.freedesktop.DBus.Mock interface. In some cases this is easier to track than parsing the mock’s log or using GetMethodCalls. Thanks to Lars Uebernickel for this. DBusMockObject.AddTemplate() and DBusTestCase.spawn_server_template() can now load local templates from your own project by specifying a path to a *.py file as template name. Thanks to Lucas De Marchi for this feature. ... Read More
I just released a new PyGObject for GNOME 3.7.92. This fixes a couple of crashes and marshalling errors again, but most importantly got a change to automatically mute the PyGIDeprecationWarnings for stable versions. Please run pythonX.X with the -Wd option to still be able to see them. We got through all our bugs that were milestoned for GNOME 3.8 and don’t want to or plan to introduce any major behavioural change at this point, so barring catastrophes this is what will be in GNOME 3. ... Read More
I just found out that PyGObject 3.7.91 as released yesterday breaks GEdit plugins. I just pushed out to unbreak this again, sorry about that!
Many libraries build a GObject introspection repository (*.gir) these days which allows the library to be used from many scripting (Python, JavaScript, Perl, etc.) and other (e. g. Vala) languages without the need for manually writing bindings for each of those. One issue that I hear surprisingly often is “there is zero documentation for those bindings”. Tools for building documentation out of a .gir have existed for a long time already, just far too many people seem to not know about them. ... Read More
I just released a new PyGObject for GNOME 3.7.91. This brings some marshalling fixes, plugs tons of memory leaks, and now raises a Python DeprecationWarning when your code calls a method which is marked as deprecated in the typelib. Please note that Python hides them by default, so if you are interested in those you need to run python with the -Wd option. Thanks to all contributors! Fix many memory leaks (#675726, #693402, #691501, #510511, #672224, and several more which are detected by our test suite) (Martin Pitt) Dot not clobber original Gdk/Gtk functions with overrides (Martin Pitt) (#686835) Optimize GValue. ... Read More

umockdev 0.2.1 release
21 February 2013

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s big 0.2 release, I pushed out umockdev 0.2.1 with a couple of bug fixes: umockdev-wrapper: Use exec to avoid keeping the shell process around and make killing the subprogram from outside work properly. Fix building with automake 1.12, thanks Peter Hutterer. Support opening several netlink sockets (i. e. udev monitors) at the same time. Fix building with older kernels which don’t have the EVIOCGMTSLOTS ioctl yet. ... Read More
I just released umockdev 0.2. The big new feature of this release is support for evdev ioctls. I. e. you can now record what e. g. X.org is doing to touchpads, touch screens, etc.: $ umockdev-record /dev/input/event15 /tmp/touchpad.umockdev # umockdev-record -i /tmp/touchpad.ioctl /dev/input/event15 -- Xorg -logfile /dev/null and load that back into a testbed with X.org using the dummy driver: cat <<EOF > xorg-dummy.conf Section "Device" Identifier "test" Driver " ... Read More

PyGObject 3.7.90 released
19 February 2013

I just released a new PyGObject for GNOME 3.7.90, with a nice set of bug fixes and some internal code cleanup. Thanks to all contributors! overrides: Fix inconsistencies with drag and drop target list API (Simon Feltman) (#680640) pygtkcompat: Add pygtk compatible GenericTreeModel implementation (Simon Feltman) (#682933) overrides: Add support for iterables besides tuples for TreePath creation (Simon Feltman) (#682933) Prefix __module__ attribute of function objects with gi.repository (Niklas Koep) (#693839) configure. ... Read More
What is this? umockdev is a set of tools and a library to mock hardware devices for programs that handle Linux hardware devices. It also provides tools to record the properties and behaviour of particular devices, and to run a program or test suite under a test bed with the previously recorded devices loaded. This allows developers of software like gphoto or libmtp to receive these records in bug reports and recreate the problem on their system without having access to the affected hardware, as well as writing regression tests for those that do not need any particular privileges and thus are capable of running in standard make check. ... Read More

PyGObject 3.7.5 released
4 February 2013

I just released a new PyGObject for GNOME 3.7.5. Unfortunately master.gnome.org is out of space right now, so I put the new tarball on my Ubuntu people account for the time being. This again brings a nice set of memory leak and bug fixes, some more reduction of static bindings, and better support for building under Windows. Thanks to all contributors! Move various signal methods from static bindings to gi and python (Simon Feltman) (#692918) GLib overrides: Support unpacking ‘maybe’ variants (Paolo Borelli) (#693032) Fix ref count leak when creating pygobject wrappers for input args (Mike Gorse) (#675726) Prefix names of typeless enums and flags for GType registration (Simon Feltman) (#692515) Fix compilation with non-C99 compilers such as Visual C++ (Chun-wei Fan) (#692856) gi/overrides/Glib. ... Read More