2021-08-08 Martin PittEnable systemd-homed
2021-08-08 Martin PittDefine tree for pitti's workstation
2021-08-08 Martin PittRemove unwanted packages for pitti's workstation
2021-07-06 Timothée Raviercomps-sync f34 2021-07-06
2021-05-30 Timothée RavierKinoite: Keep spectacle & a subset of plasma-nm-*
2021-05-13 Tomas PopelaSilverblue: Include evince-previewer
2021-04-23 Timothée Raviercomps-sync f34 2021-04-23
2021-04-12 Timothée Raviercomps-sync-exclude: Keep ntfs-3g (already included)
2021-04-10 Timothée Raviercomps-sync f34 2021-04-10
2021-04-01 Timothée RavierKinoite: Replace plasma-pk-updates by plasma-discover...
2021-03-29 Kalev Lemberfedora-common-ostree: Drop flatpak-builder
2021-03-25 Timothée Raviercomps-sync f34 2021-03-25
2021-03-25 Timothée Raviercomps-sync: Exclude arch specific s390utils-base package
2021-03-25 Timothée RavierKinoite: Explicitely exclude PackageKit & Offline updat...
2021-02-26 Timothée Raviercomps-sync: Exclude python3-dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
2021-02-23 Kalev LemberInclude totem-video-thumbnailer for video thumbnailing...
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierUse sqlite instead of bdb for rpmdb
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierPre-enable updates repo
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierFix Rawhide -> F34 branching
2021-02-19 Timothée Ravierrepos: Fixup repo names and EOF
2021-02-18 Timothée Raviercomps-sync f34 2020-02-18
2021-02-09 Tomas HrckaFix mirrorlist URL
2021-02-09 Tomas HrckaBranching F34 from rawhide
2021-02-03 Timothée Raviercomps-sync rawhide 2021-02-02
2021-02-03 Timothée RavierMake sure all openh264 packages are always excluded
2021-02-02 Timothée Raviercomps-sync-exclude-list: Exclude okular & elisa for...
2021-01-04 Timothée Ravierfedora-common-ostree: Switch to modules for boot-location
2021-01-04 Tomas PopelaReplace black/white list with exclude/include list
2021-01-04 Tomas Popelacomps-sync rawhide 2021-12-04
2021-01-04 Tomas PopelaDon't blacklist fprintd-pam
2020-12-03 Adam Williamsoncomps sync: replace libproxy-mozjs, add mesa-dri-drivers
2020-11-30 Dusty Mabefedora-common-ostree: add archive repo to Silverblue
2020-11-25 Timothée RavierAdd 'base' variant with no default desktop environment
2020-11-25 Timothée RavierAdd Mate desktop variant
2020-11-25 Timothée RavierDeepin: Add GNOME Software
2020-11-25 Tomas PopelaAdd evince-thumbnailer so PDF thumbnails work in Nautilus
2020-11-22 Timothée Raviercomps-sync rawhide 2020-11-22
2020-11-22 Timothée RavierKDE: Re-introduce some essential packages
2020-10-14 Kevin Fenzilibproxy-mozjs has been disabled/dropped in f34.
2020-10-06 Kalev Lembercomps-sync rawhide 2020-10-06
2020-09-30 Kalev Lembercomps-sync rawhide 2020-09-30
2020-09-17 Adam Williamsonthermald is x86_64 only
2020-08-27 Timothée Raviercomps-sync rawhide 2020-08-27
2020-08-10 Tomas HrckaSetup for rawhide being F34
2020-08-07 Timothée Raviercomps-sync rawhide 2020-08-07
2020-07-16 Tomas Popelacomps-sync rawhide 2020-07-16
2020-06-11 Timothée Raviercomps-sync rawhide 2020-06-11
2020-06-11 Timothée RavierXFCE: Blacklist uncommon NetworkManager plugins
2020-06-11 Timothée Ravierkde & lxqt: keep an archive manager in the base image
2020-06-11 Timothée RavierRe-add gnome-keyring-pam for KDE variant
2020-06-11 Timothée Ravierblacklist: remove rodent-icon-theme
2020-06-11 Timothée Ravierfedora-rawhide.repo: use HTTPS
2020-06-04 Tomas Popelacomps-sync rawhide 2020-06-04
2020-04-30 Tomas Popelaalsa-sof-firmware missing on Silverblue
2020-03-26 Tomas Popelaparatype-pt-sans-fonts package was renamed to pt-sans...
2020-03-10 Kalev Lembercomps-sync rawhide 2020-03-10
2020-03-04 Kalev LemberUse fedora-release-silverblue instead of -workstation
2020-02-12 Kalev LemberExclude PackageKit
2020-02-12 Kalev LemberMove xorg-x11-drv-armada to armhfp-only packages
2020-02-12 Kalev Lembercomps-sync rawhide 2020-02-12
2020-02-12 Kalev LemberAdopt to 'dnf-yum' to 'yum' package rename in blacklist
2020-02-11 Mohan BodduSetup for rawhide being F33
2019-11-20 Mohan BodduReplace pam_krb5 with pam_afs_session
2019-08-12 Tomas HrckaChanges for Rawhide being F32
2019-07-22 Tomas Popelacomps-sync rawhide 06-03-2019
2019-07-22 Tomas PopelaInclude orca in the Silverblue
2019-05-13 Timothée RavierMove arch specific package blacklist to their correct...
2019-05-07 dftxbs3eBlacklist x86_64 specific packages and make them arch...
2019-04-15 Timothée Raviercomps-blacklist: keep one browser and file manager
2019-04-15 Timothée Raviercomps-sync f31 2019-04-13
2019-04-13 Colin Walterscomps-sync: Blacklist PackageKit globally
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierAdd Pantheon & DeepinDE variants
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierAdd some minor comments
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierMove packages needed for all variants to common manifest
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierConvert all remaining json manifests to yaml
2019-04-07 Timothée remove unused varaibles and minor renaming
2019-04-07 Timothée cosmetic changes for clearer result...
2019-04-07 Timothée use yaml format only
2019-03-29 Sinny KumariInclude fedora-repos-ostree package in Silverblue ostre...
2019-03-21 Timothée RavierAdd LXQt variant
2019-03-21 Timothée RavierConvert fedora-xfce.json to fedora-xfce.yaml
2019-03-21 Timothée RavierConvert kinoite.json to fedora-kinoite.yaml
2019-03-14 Dusty MabeMerge #129 ` point to Silverblue docs`
2019-03-09 Mark OtarisAdd gnome-characters to blacklist
2019-03-06 Tomas Popelacomps-sync rawhide 06-03-2019
2019-03-01 Debarshi Raycommon-ostree: Replace fedora-toolbox with toolbox
2019-02-28 Jonathan point to Silverblue docs
2019-02-28 Kalev Lembercomps-sync rawhide 2019-02-28
2019-02-19 Tomas HrckaRawhide is f31
2018-12-20 Alexander LarssonAdd minimal -devel packages as needed to build kernel...
2018-12-06 Dusty MabeMerge #106 `common-ostree: Add fedora-toolbox`
2018-11-27 Dusty Mabecomps-sync rawhide 2018-11-27
2018-11-27 Dusty MabeAdd grubby-deprecated to blacklist
2018-11-19 Dusty Mabecomps-sync rawhide 2018-11-19
2018-11-16 Dusty Mabeadd in hfsplus-tools rpm for HFS filesystem on Macs
2018-11-15 Dusty MabeRemove extraneous symlink
2018-11-13 Colin WaltersMigrate Silverblue definition to YAML, add rojig
2018-11-09 Milos Vyletelfix build for xfce and kde variant
2018-10-25 Debarshi Raycommon-ostree: Add fedora-toolbox
2018-09-09 Colin Walterspost: Disable modular repositories