Enable systemd-homed
[workstation-ostree-config.git] / fedora-silverblue.yaml
2021-05-13 Tomas PopelaSilverblue: Include evince-previewer
2021-02-23 Kalev LemberInclude totem-video-thumbnailer for video thumbnailing...
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierPre-enable updates repo
2021-02-09 Tomas HrckaBranching F34 from rawhide
2020-11-25 Tomas PopelaAdd evince-thumbnailer so PDF thumbnails work in Nautilus
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierMove packages needed for all variants to common manifest
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierConvert all remaining json manifests to yaml
2019-03-29 Sinny KumariInclude fedora-repos-ostree package in Silverblue ostre...
2018-12-20 Alexander LarssonAdd minimal -devel packages as needed to build kernel...
2018-12-06 Dusty MabeMerge #106 `common-ostree: Add fedora-toolbox`
2018-11-16 Dusty Mabeadd in hfsplus-tools rpm for HFS filesystem on Macs
2018-11-13 Colin WaltersMigrate Silverblue definition to YAML, add rojig