Enable systemd-homed
[workstation-ostree-config.git] / fedora-kinoite.yaml
2021-03-25 Timothée RavierKinoite: Explicitely exclude PackageKit & Offline updat...
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierPre-enable updates repo
2021-02-09 Tomas HrckaBranching F34 from rawhide
2020-06-11 Timothée Ravierkde & lxqt: keep an archive manager in the base image
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierAdd some minor comments
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierConvert all remaining json manifests to yaml
2019-03-21 Timothée RavierConvert kinoite.json to fedora-kinoite.yaml