Enable systemd-homed
[workstation-ostree-config.git] / fedora-common-ostree.yaml
2021-08-08 Martin PittDefine tree for pitti's workstation
2021-08-08 Martin PittRemove unwanted packages for pitti's workstation
2021-03-29 Kalev Lemberfedora-common-ostree: Drop flatpak-builder
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierUse sqlite instead of bdb for rpmdb
2021-02-19 Timothée RavierFix Rawhide -> F34 branching
2021-02-03 Timothée RavierMake sure all openh264 packages are always excluded
2021-01-04 Timothée Ravierfedora-common-ostree: Switch to modules for boot-location
2020-11-30 Dusty Mabefedora-common-ostree: add archive repo to Silverblue
2020-09-17 Adam Williamsonthermald is x86_64 only
2020-08-10 Tomas HrckaSetup for rawhide being F34
2020-03-04 Kalev LemberUse fedora-release-silverblue instead of -workstation
2020-02-12 Kalev LemberExclude PackageKit
2020-02-12 Kalev LemberMove xorg-x11-drv-armada to armhfp-only packages
2020-02-11 Mohan BodduSetup for rawhide being F33
2019-08-12 Tomas HrckaChanges for Rawhide being F32
2019-05-07 dftxbs3eBlacklist x86_64 specific packages and make them arch...
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierAdd some minor comments
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierMove packages needed for all variants to common manifest
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierConvert all remaining json manifests to yaml