Enable systemd-homed
[workstation-ostree-config.git] / comps-sync.py
2021-01-04 Tomas PopelaReplace black/white list with exclude/include list
2020-11-25 Timothée RavierAdd Mate desktop variant
2020-08-10 Tomas HrckaSetup for rawhide being F34
2020-02-11 Mohan BodduSetup for rawhide being F33
2019-08-12 Tomas HrckaChanges for Rawhide being F32
2019-04-13 Colin Walterscomps-sync: Blacklist PackageKit globally
2019-04-07 Timothée RavierAdd Pantheon & DeepinDE variants
2019-04-07 Timothée Raviercomps-sync.py: remove unused varaibles and minor renaming
2019-04-07 Timothée Raviercomps-sync.py: cosmetic changes for clearer result...
2019-04-07 Timothée Raviercomps-sync.py: use yaml format only
2019-03-21 Timothée RavierAdd LXQt variant
2019-02-19 Tomas HrckaRawhide is f31
2018-08-19 Dusty MabeRawhide being F30
2018-08-14 Colin WaltersMerge #94 `silverblue: Blacklist `setuptool``
2018-08-07 Timothée Raviercomps-sync.py: remove deplicate func def & fixup comment
2018-08-04 Timothée RavierAdd XFCE variant
2018-08-04 Timothée RavierAdd KDE variant (Kinoite)
2018-08-04 Timothée RavierRework Silverblue to split packages common to all variants
2018-02-27 Colin Walterscomps-sync pass 3: Subset of workstation
2018-02-24 Colin WaltersExtend comps-sync more, add font packages
2018-02-17 Dennis GilmoreMerge #65 `Add initial comps-sync script, use it to...
2018-02-17 Colin WaltersAdd comps-sync script, use it to trim package set