Enable systemd-homed
[workstation-ostree-config.git] / comps-sync-exclude-list.yml
2021-05-30 Timothée RavierKinoite: Keep spectacle & a subset of plasma-nm-*
2021-04-12 Timothée Raviercomps-sync-exclude: Keep ntfs-3g (already included)
2021-04-01 Timothée RavierKinoite: Replace plasma-pk-updates by plasma-discover...
2021-03-25 Timothée Raviercomps-sync: Exclude arch specific s390utils-base package
2021-02-26 Timothée Raviercomps-sync: Exclude python3-dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
2021-02-03 Timothée RavierMake sure all openh264 packages are always excluded
2021-02-02 Timothée Raviercomps-sync-exclude-list: Exclude okular & elisa for...
2021-01-04 Tomas PopelaReplace black/white list with exclude/include list