descriptionLearning Rust
ownerMartin Pitt
last changeSun, 26 Sep 2021 08:47:28 +0000 (10:47 +0200)
2021-09-26 Martin Pittserde: Show ≥ info logs by default master
2021-09-25 Martin Pittserde: Use log framework
2021-09-25 Martin Pittserde: Read back from file and deserialize
2021-09-25 Martin Pittserde: Use error propagation
2021-09-25 Martin Pittserde: Write JSON to file
2021-09-25 Martin Pittserde: Data types and initial serialization
2021-09-19 Martin Pittsimple-http: Implement ThreadPool cleanup
2021-09-19 Martin Pittsimple-http: Implement ThreadPool messaging
2021-09-19 Martin Pittsimple-http: Add scaffolding for thread pool implementation
2021-09-11 Martin Pittsimple-http: Naïve unlimited threads
2021-09-05 Martin Pittsimple-http: Introduce a slow path
2021-09-03 Martin Pittsimple-http: Parse path from request
2021-09-01 Martin Pittsimple-http: Check hardcoded root path, add 404 page
2021-08-30 Martin Pittsimple-http: Initial skeleton
2021-08-29 Martin Pittconcepts: Add alternative Post implementation with...
2021-08-29 Martin Pittconcepts: require two Post approvals
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