Free software projects

My own projects/main developer

  • python-dbusmock: Mock D-Bus objects for creating integration tests
  • umockdev: record/mock hardware devices for bug reports and regression tests
  • Apport: create rich crash and bug information on Linux clients, and send them to bug trackers like Launchpad
  • python-distutils-extra: Extensions and “automagic” wrapper for Python’s distutils class
  • postgresql-common: Provide a multi-version/multi-instance management for the PostgreSQL RDBMS

Other projects I’m contributing to

  • cockpit: Administer Linux servers via a web browser (tech lead, full-time developer)
  • udev/systemd: Maintaining keymaps, various bug fixes
  • Debian: The universal operating system (developer)
  • GNOME desktop (committer, foundation member, bug fixing and reporting)
  • PyGObject: Use GObject based C libraries from Python through gobject-introspection
  • udisks: occasional bug fixes
  • upower: occasional bug fixes