PyGObject 3.3.90 released

I just released PyGObject 3.3.90, for GNOME 3.5.90.

This is now working correctly on big-endian 64 bit machines such as powerpc64, and fixes marshalling for GParamSpec attributes and return values, as well as a few small bug fixes.

Thanks to all contributors!

Complete list of changes:

  • Implement marshalling for GParamSpec (Mathieu Duponchelle) (#681565)
  • Fix erronous import statements for Python 3.3 (Simon Feltman) (#682051)
    • Do not fail tests if pyflakes or pep8 are not installed (Martin Pitt)
    • Fix PEP-8 whitespace checking and issues in the code (Martin Pitt)
    • Fix unmarshalling of gssize (David Malcolm) (#680693)
    • Fix various endianess errors (David Malcolm) (#680692)
    • Gtk overrides: Add TreeModelSort.__init__(self, model) (Simon Feltman) (#681477)
    • Convert Gtk.CellRendererState in the pygi-convert script (Manuel QuiƱones) (#681596)