PyGObject 3.3.4 released

I released PyGObject 3.3.4. This is mostly a bug fix only release to fix existing API. Highlights are that lists of GVariants and other corner cases are now working correctly when being passed from C to Python, and that calling help() on a GI module now does something sensible.

Thanks to all contributors!

Complete list of changes:

  • Drop bogus filter_new() conversion (Martin Pitt) (#679999)
    • Fix help() for GI modules (Martin Pitt) (#679804)
      • Skip gi.CallbackInfo objects from a module’s dir() (Martin Pitt) (#679804)
        • Fix __path__ module attribute (Martin Pitt)
          • Fix some child → getChild() false positives (Joe R. Nassimian) (#680004)
            • Fix array handling for interfaces, properties, and signals (Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen) (#667244)
              • Add conversion of the Gdk.PropMode constants to script (Manuel Quiñones) (#679775)
                • Add the same rules for pack_start to convert pack_end (Manuel Quiñones) (#679760)
                  • Add error-checking for the case where _arg_cache_new() fails (Dave Malcolm) (#678914)
                    • Add conversion of the Gdk.NotifyType constants to script (Manuel Quiñones) (#679754)
                      • Fix PyObject_Repr and PyObject_Str reference leaks (Simon Feltman) (#675857)
                        • [API add] Gtk overrides: Add TreePath.__len__() (Martin Pitt) (#679199)
                          • GLib.Variant: Fix repr(), add proper str() (Martin Pitt) (#679336)
                            • m4/python.m4: Update Python version list (Martin Pitt)
                              • Remove “label” property from Gtk.MenuItem if it is not set (Micah Carrick) ([#670575][13])