You know that you are in the U.S. …

when you go to dinner in a car^Wtank^Wbattleship^Wrazy something like this:

Hummer limo

I savely arrived in our hotel in Dallas, Texas this afternoon, after a rather uneventful 14 hour trip from Dresden via Frankfurt. On the way I emptied my laptop battery with some small hacking and catching up on bug report email, and did a lot of reading. I also tried to watch Harry Potter 6, but the headphones they give you were so hideous that I hardly understood anything, so I gave up after some ten minutes.

In the early evening a small group of us went to the center to have a light Mexican style dinner (yummy), and someone came up with the monster above. Was quite an experience, veeery comfortable interior with leather couches and champagner glasses. Almost as comfortable as on my bicycle at home. 😛

Naturally I feel the jetlag and are pretty groggy now, but I still managed to stay conscious until now, after having a beer and two hours of chatting in the bar. It’s so great to see everyone again!

I’m looking forward to the Ubuntu Developer Summit next week.