Packaged e-book software "calibre"

I could not resist and ordered myself a Christmas present, a Sony PRS-505 e-Book reader (it’s all Martin Pool’s fault! 😛 )

To use that with your own content, you need a software to convert existing e-book, HTML, PDF, and other formats to the formats that the PRS505 can understand. So I stumbled over calibre, which seems to be an awesome and complete solution for managing e-books. Of course I immediately went to package it.

The final package and Jaunty upload will still take a while, since the upstream source bundles a lot of libraries; I wrote the author about how he would prefer source changes to use the system packaged Python libraries instead, I hope I’ll get his agreement soon.

However, for those of you who already got one, or will during Christmas, here’s my own little present for you: My PPA contains preliminary, but working packages for Intrepid.

If you want to hack on the packages, I branched off the upstream trunk, loomified it to add some fixes and the packaging, and put it to Launchpad again as ubuntu branch (MOTU-owned).

Merry $END_OF_YEAR_HOLIDAYS everyone!