New Jockey 0.5 Beta 1 release

I just released the first beta release of Jockey 0.5, which fixes a ton of bugs compared to the first Alpha from two weeks ago. Compared to 0.4, it grew quite a lot of new features:

  • Split program into a privileged system D-BUS backend (access controlled by PolicyKit), and unprivileged frontend. This provides a cleaner design, gets rid of ugly distribution specific hacks and makes the program more portable.
  • Add support for detecting printers. Add Driver DB implementation for database lookup. Supports package systems “apt”, “urpmi”, and “yum” right now.
  • New Driver DBs can now added dynamically at run time through a D-BUS call (such as adding an XMLRPC compatible DB on a new server).
  • Upstream OSLib now uses PackageKit’s “pkcon” for query operations, so that distributions which support packagekit do not need to implement their custom functions for it. (Package installation/removal does not use packagekit yet, due to a bug in dbus-glib, but it is planned).
  • Provide a session D-BUS interface so that applications like system-config-printer can call Jockey through an abstract interface for looking for a driver for a particular device. This will search for a driver in all databases, ask the user for confirmation, and install it.
  • Add support for “recommended” driver versions, in case several different versions of a driver are available (which is e. g. the case with the proprietary NVidia driver, or lots of drivers from
  • GTK and KDE user interface got some usability and workflow improvements. They also show the license and support status now:

  • KDE user interface got ported to PyKDE 4:

    As of today, 0.5 beta 1 was uploaded to Ubuntu Intrepid, too.