packaged DVB-T drivers for Ubuntu 8.04

Following up on my recent blog to make my Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T play under Hardy, and my ongoing work for improving the driver situation under Ubuntu and Linux in general, I finally packaged the current development snapshot of the Video4Linux DVB drivers.

I used DKMS for generating a Debian package out of the driver source tree, which works really well after I sorted out a couple of issues with upstream (which are by and large fixed upstream now, thanks Matt and Mario!). The driver is shipped in source form (tarball), and DKMS takes care of automatically building it for the current kernel, and any later kernel you install in the future (e. g. if Hardy gets yet another kernel ABI).

So enjoy! Enable my PPA ( and apt-get install v4l-dvb-dkms. After it finished building and installing, you can plug in your DVB-T stick and it should work (provided that v4l-dvb supports it at all, of course).

Please let me know how it goes for you! I appreciate any report about problems (include the output of “dkms status”) and suggestions.