New Jockey upstream release 0.4

I finally sorted out some remaining issues and released a new Jockey. This brings support for third-party package repositories, and implements an XML-RPC driver database client, aside from the usual load of bug fixes. The test suite improved again, too, it (optionally) uses python-coverage now.

Planning ahead, the next things I want to get to are

  • Find some interested people to work on a driver database server (I will write a specification page for it soon).

  • Write a driver DB implementation for the OpenPrinting driver database.

  • Implement a dbus service to request a device driver. For now this will be used by system-config-printer to request a printer driver, but I guess it will be generally useful for other parts of the desktop as well.

  • Change the upstream default implementation of the package related bits in OSLib from “not implemented exception” to PackageKit. I hope we can find a way soon to make PK work on Ubuntu as well.